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Nursery  "de Smallekamp", founded in 2006 by Ton Friesen and Cees Barneveld, is specialised in growing  special fruit and nut trees. At the nursery we grow a wide range of Juglans varieties and cultivars. from only walnuts we have already more than 100 different cultivars, ornamental as well as production cultivars. Furthermore we also have the Corylus (hazelnut), Castanea (sweet chestnut) and Carya (pecan nut).

Because of the demand for a standard assortment and mass production, many culture varieties are at risk to disappear. Due to this selective demand, the obtained genetic material through centuries of selection are endangered. With our nursery we want to prevent that these special trees and varieties will disappear out of our landscape.

Therefor we cooperate with the NAK (General Dutch Inspection Department) Also the used graft wood is whenever possible, NAK certified. We apply strict environmental regulations in the field of weed control and irrigation. Also we use only organic fertilizers for improvement of the soil flora and fauna and soil fertility. The seedlings are not treated with chemical pesticides and biocides. We attempt to maintain as much as possible the flora and fauna and to improve if necessary.

If you are looking for a special tree, an iconic solitary for a landscape garden or maybe a smaller tree / bush for a limited garden surface, than you are with us at the right place, We have varieties for production but also beautiful ornamental varieties, with special leaf shape and a special variety with red nuts!! We are always prepared to provide you with advise concerning your choice of variety or in the design of landscapes, castle gardens or parks.

We are not daily present at the nursery, in case you want to visit our nursery or if you want a tour, call us or send an e-mail for an appointment! Every Saturday we are present at the nursery from 10 till 16 o’clock  for the sale of products in our shop like honey, walnut oil, potting soil, tree poles, glue strings, etc. and of course for ordering of trees.